Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lucky Stars Quilt Along

I shared my Lucky Stars quilt finish the other day as a part of my ALYoF goal finish, but I wanted to give a few more details of it over here :) I absolutely loved being a part of the Lucky Stars Quilt Along over at Quilt Story last summer! Heather and Megan did a fantastic job organizing everything, and the pattern for the quilt is so darn gorgeous.

I made my version of the quilt with a FQ Blogger Bundle I bought over at Pink Castle Fabrics. The name of the bundle was Blueberry Bushes and it was put together by the wonderful Holly from Bijou Lovely. I love all of the fabrics in the bundle, especially the Pearl Bracelets and the Color Me Retro prints.

I finished the top of the quilt last August right in line with the quilt along, I even won a prize for finishing! But then it sat, and sat, and sat because I was stumped on how I should quilt it. This quilt is roughly twin sized so I was scared about doing anything too crazy, but I finally decided to do straight line quilting.

I love the effect the straight line quilting creates but I despise how long it took! I kept having to switch the direction I was sewing because I was having some issues with the quilt top pulling and getting distorted. After I figured it out, I was able to get in a groove and I busted it out in a couple of multi-hour quilting sessions.

I made the binding with leftover strips from making the blocks. Hooray for having leftover fabric :)

Speaking of leftover fabric. I knew I wanted to do something interesting with the backing so instead of just piecing the two pieces of backing together, I used the leftover 2.5" squares from the patch blocks to make a strip to run down the back. I LOVE it! And I am proud of myself that I could actually get it straight up and down.

I made this quilt for my little sister Emily. She is a wonderful, amazing, & strong young woman, and I can't believe that she is going to be 21 this year!

Quilt Stats: 

Name: TBA aka I have no clue yet
Size: 62.5" x 76.5"
Fabric: Blueberry Bushes Blogger Bundle from Pink Castle Fabrics
Pattern: Lucky Stars Quilt Along from Quilt Story 
Quilting: Straight line
Completed: February 2014

This was part of my Q1 FAL List

Finish Along 2014


  1. its really pretty, and I love the back too!

  2. Beautiful! I love the colours and the back is fabulous.

  3. Great finish! The back is fabulous and you do have some skill with the stipe being straight. Kudos!

  4. Congrats on all your finishes :o)


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