Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Friday, May 8, 2015

Me Made May - Week 1

I have to be honest and say that I am kinda shocked that I was able to make it an entire week wearing something that I made! So here are the garments/outfits I wore for the past week.

*Waring: there are some pretty terrible selfies here lol*

Friday 5/1/2015
Saturday 5/2/2015
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Sunday 5/3/2015

Monday May the Fourth Be With You aka Star Wars Day

Tuesday 5/5/2015

Wednesday 5/6/2015

Thursday 5/7/2015

This past week has been so much fun and I am loving wearing the things that I have made. It is such an amazing feeling when someone compliments my outfit and I can say (probably too excitedly) that I made it! 

Before starting Me Made May I didn't have any intention of actually wearing something me made every day because I didn't think I had that many things to wear but I am so stoked about it that I seriously want to make all of the things! 

So what do you love most about wearing your handmade garments? 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Finish - Dear Watson Bag

Today I am excited to share with you my most recent finish. It is the Dear Watson Bag by my real life friend Felice Regina! We're HMQG peeps, and I cannot even explain how crazy talented this girl is! When she asked for pattern testers on her Instagram, I emailed her right away.

I knew I didn't want to purchase any fabric for this, since I am trying to work through what I already have. So after a few days of pulling random big cuts of fabric out of my stash, I finally found a winning combination. My Avengers comic book fabric and an amazing champagne colored leather.

The thing that I love the most about this pattern is the versatility that it has. The pattern comes with the options to make either the more challenging view A, or the more beginner friendly view B. I started out with view A, but as the bag progressed I decided to change up the straps to better accommodate the leather I was using.

I really love how the straps turned out, and the changes I made worked well with the pattern over all. I like the option of having the shorter strap for daily use (I've already been using this for the past week as my daily purse and it is perfect!). I haven't used the longer strap that much yet, but I am planning on using this bag when we go to Disney and I know the cross-body strap is going to be super useful!

I didn't add interior pockets because I simply wanted to finish the bag, but Felice walks you through a fantastic method for putting in a zippered pocket and a slip pocket for the interior. When I make another bag like this for my sister, I am going to include the extra pockets in the interior.

As you can see, there is plenty of space for all your goodies. For me this is a good "mom" purse because it has plenty of room for when William decides he needs me to carry something for him.

Speaking of William, he took this last picture (hints the excessive blurriness) but I like that the picture gives you an idea of where the cross-body strap lets the purse hit when worn that way. I cannot say enough times how much I like this purse and this pattern.

Felice is releasing the pattern on May 2nd, so be sure to head over to her shop and get yourself a copy!