Monday, December 8, 2014

On The Cutting Mat & Life Lately

I think I have finally gotten a hold on my work/family/sewing balance. Ever since going back to working full-time (something I haven't done since before W was born) I have been struggling to really find a good balance between everything that needs to get done. Jeff has been a lifesaver in helping out, but I still feel like there is so much to be done on a daily basis.

Love this shirt designed by my friend Felice @iamlunasol on Instagram. My 99 problems are my chores :( 
A big thing has been keeping the house clean. Before going to work, it didn't really bother me that the house wasn't clean when I wanted to sew. I had time to do it later, but now that I am working I have realized that keeping it clean makes it easier to find time to sew. I can hear my mom saying "I told you so" over and over again!

Since my sewing time has been so sporadic, I find myself jumping around from project to project. Below are a few of the things I have been working on recently.

I finished quilting my nephew's birthday quilt. We will ignore the fact that his birthday was in September, and just call it the Christmas quilt now :) All it needs is the binding hand sewn, and to be shipped off to Pennsylvania.
My munchkin helping remove the pins after I finished quilting.
I've also been busy working on my Moda Modern Building Blocks quilt. I joined the I Don't do Dishes BOM, and I am loving the fabrics she is choosing for each block. On top of that I also bought another MMBB kit from Knotted Thread that has all Cotton & Steel basics. I am super excited about both quilts.
One of my blocks from the I Don't do Dishes Moda Modern Building Blocks BOM. 

My pretty bundle of cotton & steel basics.
Among all the other things I have going on, I started a quilt for my dad's Christmas gift. I am using the Modern Buzz Saw pattern from Amy Smart's book Fabulously Fast Quilts. My dad is a part owner in a small Construction company, and he's had his fair share of run-ins with a buzz saw, so I just knew I had to make this for him :)

I am using Hammer and Nails by Peter Horjus for the main fabrics, and my background fabrics are Robert Kaufman Yarn Dyed Linen in Flax and Olive. I have loved working with the yarn dyed linen ever since I made my Texas quilt.

These fabrics are absolutely perfect for my dad, I love the pegboard print. And the tape measure print is just amazing! Now I just need to get everything done before we have Christmas with them on the 3rd. 

And just for fun, here is a goofy picture of me wearing my dad's sheet-rock stilts to put Christmas lights on their house. They are awesome and terrifying all at the same time!

I hope everyone has an amazing week!