Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Urban Scandinavian Sewing Bloggers Book Tour

Today is my stop on the Urban Scandinavian Sewing Bloggers Book Tour! The book tour runs for two weeks through Monday, August 31, and I, along with several other talented sewing bloggers, are going to share Kirstyn Cogan’s new book, Urban Scandinavian Sewing, available for purchase at C&T publishing and Amazon.

I was very excited when I was asked to share my thoughts on Kirstyn's book Urban Scandinavian Sewing. The book is divided into 2 sections, Winter and Midsummer, with each section having distinct recipes and projects for that time of year. On my first flip through the book I was very pleasantly surprised to find recipes along with the various sewing projects! I love food, so recipes are always a plus in my mind!

When the weather cools down, sometime in Mid-December here in Texas, I am going to make some of this delicious looking Swedish Christmas Porridge.

Since I have been on the go the past few weeks, I haven't had time to make anything from the book yet, but I have definitely started planning out what I want to make when I get back to my sewing machine. I fell in love with this little Swedish Tomte Softie. Can't you just see an adorable little family of these guys sitting on your mantle during the holidays?

Overall I absolutely love this book and I am looking forward to making several of the projects and recipes! Be sure to check out all the other lovely bloggers that are a part of the book tour!

Here’s the schedule for the next two weeks:

Nicole from Modern Handcraft
Hilary from Young Texan Mama
Nicole from Snips Snippets

Jennie from Clover & Violet
Tessa from The Sewing Chick
Alli from More Please Thank You

Be sure to also visit Kirstyn’s blog, over the next two weeks, as she’ll be sharing round-ups of all the stops each week so you’ll be sure not to miss a thing!

Enter to Win A Copy of Urban Scandinavian Sewing!

As part of the book tour, Kirstyn is giving away copy of her book and a FQ bundle of her new fabric line, Urban Scandinavian, that is shipping to fabric stores near you next month, to two lucky winners!

Click the link below to Enter the rafflecopter giveaway, open through midnight, August 30.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Less Than Two Months and Counting

I am very excited because our upcoming Disney Vacation is 2 months away! We have been planning this trip for what feels like forever, and the fact that it is so close makes me insanely happy!

The last time we went to Disney the 3 of us was November of 2012, William and I have been back twice since then but Jeff couldn't come because of school. I'm really looking froward to this trip because it will probably be the last big family vacation we go on as a family of 3.
A picture form our first trip in November of 2012

Airline tickets are purchased, park tickets are being purchased, Fastpass+ has been planned, and dinner reservations have been made! Next is packing, well making a packing list. Over the past few weeks I have been thinking about how much fun it would be to DisneyBound some of my outfits while we are there.
Mary Blair skirt

A few weeks ago, I put in a custom oreder for a skirts from Daily Sparkle. You can check out her instagram to see some of the amazing applique skirts she has made. The one I am having her make for me is going to have a Jungle Cruise Boat and a hippo on it! I think I might make a knit top to go with it.

I also got a skirt that has an amazing Mary Blair print from Pinup Girl Clothing. It is one of my favorite things to wear to work because it is so bright and cheery, which is a great contrast from my drab office. Jeff and I are going to go on a dinner date while we are at Disney (thank you grandparents!) and I will probably wear it that night.

I know most wouldn't consider a dress or a skirt an outfit suitable for a Disney trip, but I honestly am way more comfortable when wearing a dress or skirt. Comfort + cute = perfect combo :)

There are a couple of items that I am hoping to have the time to make before the trip. Number one on that list would be a dress polka-dot dress or skirt so that I can channel my inner Minnie Mouse. And I also bought a couple of shorts patterns when Indie Sew was having a sale. I recently went back to staying home full-time, so I should be able to get some of these things done before the big trip!