Monday, August 19, 2013

You Might be a Texan If....

I found this list the other day on Facebook, and being a born and raised Texan myslef, I just had to share it! These are 25 ways you can tell if you are a Texan. 

**I lost the original source where I got this so if you have seen it before let me know and I will give it credit where credit is due :) **

1. You freak out if it rains
Rain in Texas is a curse and a blessing. We love when it rains because it can rain pretty rarely most of the time, but most of the time it floods so people freak out. Driving in the rain can be a pain in the a**.
2. When it’s summer, you want winter, and when it’s winter you want summer
This is pretty darn true. Summers are so hot we wish for the cold of winter, but when the temp drops below 50º people don parkas meant for Alaskan winters.
3. “Yall”
I can't go a single day without using the phrase y'all. It is just second nature :) Plus it’s also about a thousand times better than saying “you guys”.

4. Nothing scares you more than a broken A/C
A broken A/C in a car or home is like a death sentence in this state. I had the misfortune to have a broken A/C for an entire summer once when I was in high school, and it was miserable! Plus the summer before I had William, our A/C in our duplex went out. Again that was miserable, especially being pregnant.
5. You Won’t Stop At Any Gas Station That Isn’t Named Buc-ee’s
Now this one I kinda have a beef with this one because I don't see the big deal with Buc-ee's. Yeah they have great bathrooms, but I seriously don't need 100's of snack options for my road trip. I have a hard enough time choosing a snack when there are only a couple options.

Plus it is kinda exciting to stop at some dive of a gas-station on the side of the road. That's how adventures start :)
6. You understand that shaded parking = good parking
If there is a shaded spot, take it. End of story.
7. You’re more interested in fancy trucks than fancy cars
Eh trucks are cool, but I'm just eco-concious enough to know that I get way better gas mileage in a smaller SUV.
8. You refer to all sodas as “Cokes”, but clarify specifically when you want a Dr Pepper
In Texas, all “sodas” are called cokes. When someone asks what kind of Coke you want, you can specify if needed. But never call a Dr Pepper a Coke. And Mr. Pibb is never an acceptable option.
9. You skip the “g” at the end of most words
G's are overrated.Also fixin' to is a common saying around here. My friend dated a guy from Boston for a little while, and he was always baffled by the expression and said it didn't make sense... It's a Texas thing.
10. You measure distance in time, not miles
Texas is big, and the only way I have ever said how long it takes to get somewhere is in the amount of time it takes. It take 18 hours to get to Disney World, 8 hours to get to New Orleans, 2 hours to get from Austin to College Station, etc. etc. If you drive from Austin to California, you are halfway there when you reach El Paso.
11. If you judge people based on if their high school was 5a, 4a, 3a, 2a, or 1a
High school size is a matter of pride in this state. If you’ve ever judged someone based on the size of theirs, you’re probably a Texan.
12. If you’ve ever eaten Twang pickle salt out of the palm of your hand
So I never personally ate this stuff, my parents wouldn't let me. But I always saw my older cousins enjoying the stuff.
13. If You’ve Ever Drank Pickle Juice Out Of The Jar
The only thing better than enjoying a Best Maid or Del Dixie pickle is drinking the juice out of the jar. I have to saw I am more than guilty of doing this on several occasions. The baseball park where my brother played ball as a kid even sold pickle pops in the concession stand.
14. If you can’t believe that other states pay income tax
Texas only has to pay federal income taxes. We’re spared the burden of having to also pay our state a big chunk of our income too. If you find it hard to fathom that anyone would have to give MORE of what they make, then you are definitely a Texan. FYI Florida doesn't pay state income taxes either. I learned that when I did my Disney College Program.
15. If you think Texas shaped things taste better, because well, they do

Texans know that anything Texas shaped is better than non-Texas shaped stuff.I've personally never had a Texas shaped steak, but I have chowed down on a number of Texas shaped chips in my life.
16. If when the rest of the country complains about a heat wave, you tell them to quit complainin’
It's hot here. And it's humid. So going outside is like walking through a fog during the day in 100º temperatures.
17. If you or someone you know has ever lost a cooler full of beers or been stuck in the whirlpool here
I've never been to float the river. So I can't claim knowing if this is true personally, but I know several friends who have lost many things while floating the river.
18. If when traveling outside of Texas, you meet a fellow Texan, and then are immediately friends
Most Texans are generally happy and friendly people, well at least I am, so when you meet someone else form Texas outside of the state it is like old home week. You talk like friends even though you have never met before!
19. You tell people who aren’t from Texas, “it’s a Texas thing, you wouldn’t understand” when they ask about the state
Sometimes you just can't explain things about Texas. It's like one of my favorite quotes: "From the outside looking in, you can't understand it. And from the inside looking out, you can't explain it." This quote is actually from the Spirit of Aggieland wiki page. Texas A&M is by far the greatest university in the State of Texas :) but I'm a tad biased.
20. You’ve got Texas in your soul
I love to travel and experience new places, but at the end of the day I always want to be home in Texas.


  1. Hahaha loved this. My favorite was skipping the G in words. So true!


  2. My daddy is from Texas (I'm not), but I can say the Dr. Pepper vs Mr. Pibb is so true. Pibb is not Pepper. Please stop trying to make it seem like they're the same. They're not.

  3. This is hilarious...and totally true! I will always be a Texan no matter where I live. I will have to say being married to a Yankee has ridden me of the phrase, "Y'all." I say "you guys" all the time now. I've been away TOO LONG!

  4. LOVE THIS!! Especially the Dr. Pepper part! Love me some Dr Pepper!

  5. Loved reading this list, it made me laugh! I don't think I realised how big Texas was until I read this! :-)


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