Tuesday, February 12, 2013

One Year Blogiversary

I am very excited because today is my One Year Blogiversary!! Thank you to my followers for all of your comments and support! I don't think I would be here without you because it is your feedback that keeps me going and wanting to share. My goal for the coming year is to really be consistent with how much I post. For me consistency has been my failing point, and I know I can get better at it! Here are some fun stats from the past year:

Number of Posts: 61 + this one :) 

Number of Comments: 58

Post with the most Page-views: T-Shirt Brine 

Number of Followers: 36

Number of Page-views: 2,533

I love how this blog has started to pick up steam, and I know it can only go up from here. I have learned tons over the past year, and I cannot wait to keep this baby going!


Thank you so much for stopping by Young Texan Mama. I am so glad that you found your way here. I appreciate your support & comments so much. They truly make my day! If you have a question leave it here or email me at youngtexanmama@gmail.com.