Saturday, July 21, 2012

T-Shirt Brine: UPDATE The Results!

Most of the time, when you brine something it is to get it ready for cooking. I am a big fan of using a brine for a pork butt before I make pulled pork. Well when I was on Pinterest the other day, I came across a pin that stated using a brine for T-Shirts will make it super soft. 

Well, I decided to put this Pin to the test. I didn't want to ruin a shirt that I really like before knowing if this worked or not, so I just used one of my plain white v-necks. I put the shirt in a gallon sized ziploc bag and then added the salt and water, gave it a good shake, and now it is sitting in the laundry room waiting. 

We shall see if it actually works. I hope it does because I have a few t-shirts that I love to wear but they're not very soft. I'll be back in a few days with the verdict!  

It was painful, but I was actually about the wait the full 3 days before discovering if this nifty trick worked. And the verdict is: Not Really :( 

I was hoping that this would work, but it just made the shirt feel kinda funky. I don't know if it is because I used a shirt that had been worn a bunch of times; maybe it would work better with a new shirt. It is a bummer that this didn't work :(


  1. This is good to know. Thank you for trying it! I keep seeing this repinned, and kept wanting to try it, but never got around to it. Now I won't bother :P

    1. Yeah I was really bummed it didn't work out :( It was definitely a craft fail haha

  2. I am so bummed! I have a pile of clothes that I wanted to do NOW!
    Did you use table salt or Epson?

    1. I used table salt. I found another article that used sodium carbonate washing soda and salt, but I haven't tried that combination yet.


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