Monday, August 7, 2017

A Few Updates

Hi Everyone! So I've had this post stewing in my mind for a while now, and I have finally sat down and typed out all my thoughts. The last time I posted was back in March! Since then things have been what I would call controlled chaos, and sometimes it is actually closer to regular chaos. Here are a few life, work, and crafty updates.

My little Sam is on the verge of being 10 months old, and William starts Kindergarten in 2 weeks! I severely underestimated what becoming a mom of 2 little ones would be like. It is filled with so much joy, but at the same time complete exhaustion.

There have been several weeks where I have felt so defeated by everything that I have to do, yet I feel like I cannot do it all. I wouldn't say I've been depressed, but there have been moments where I just cannot shake the feeling of being a failure. It's like every thing that I did or had to do was never good enough. I thank my lucky stars that I have an amazing support system in my parents, siblings, and most of all my hubby because for a few weeks things seemed so bleak.

Thankfully all of this happened after quilt market, I don't think I could have handled being away from my kiddos and hubby while going through all of that.

In terms of work, things have been busy (see above section) but overall good! As always Quilt Market was a whirlwind of work, fun, and inspiration! Plus it was my first trip away from the baby so it was definitely bittersweet. I missed all the baby cuddles, but getting to see friends that I only see twice a year is always fun.

I am thankful every single day that I get to do what I do. I love the industry, and I am so blessed to be able to work from home while my little ones are still little. I stitched the above block for a fun reboot Erin and I are doing for the 2012 Aurifil Designer of the Month. You can check it out on the Aurifil Blog, plus if you sew along there is a chance for you to win a collection of Aurifloss!

I haven't done a ton of personal sewing recently (mainly because I've been choosing sleep over sewing), pretty much just the embroidery block above, some bee blocks here and there, and then this dress I made for a wedding we went to in June. I used the By Hand London Anna Dress pattern, and Rifle Paper company Rayon. The dress came together quickly, but I am a bit worried about the fit of it once I stop breastfeeding Sam. Might have to make some alterations so that I can continue wearing it. 😉

Lastly, I have been thinking pretty seriously about re-branding. When I created Young Texan Mama 5 years ago it felt right, but now that I'm approaching turning 30 I feel like it's time for a change. Obviously turning 30 doesn't make me not a young mom, but the name just doesn't feel like a good fit anymore. I have a few options kicking around, but not quite sure yet.

Now I'm off to drink more coffee, or maybe take a nap. Happy Monday!


  1. I wish you well. Two young children definitely take up your time. I don't have children and can't always find time to sew. Do what makes you happy, and it will work out in the end.

  2. Having a second child was a hard transition for me too. So often when my kids were young, I felt like a failure. Looking back on that time, I see now that I was actually doing a really good job, and so are you! I know it's hard, but be encouraged that you're doing better at this than you think. I wish I had given myself more credit at the time, and I hope you will learn from my mistake and give yourself a big pat on the back and know you are doing amazing. Also, I know rebranding is a tough place to be with so much to consider. I hope you find a brand name that suits you perfectly!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Lorinda! I've always been my own worst enemy, so the transition to not being so critical on myself has been a long and slow one. I've definitely gotten better at recognizing that things are not as bad as my mind is telling me they are.

  3. I don't see how you have time to blog at all for running after little Sam! I so enjoy seeing what he gets into in IG. Looks like you are doing a fabulous job at mothering!


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