Thursday, January 26, 2017

Aurifil 2012 Designer of the Month Reboot

I love my job so much. Last week during our conference call, Erin (Aurifil's Creative Director) brought up the idea of rebooting the 2012 Aurifil Designer of the Month blocks. If your not familiar with them, they were a series of quilt blocks that featured embroidery in the centers. You  can find the patterns HERE. I immediately agreed with her, and thought it was a great idea!

Handwork and embroidery are super popular right now, and I love that I got to add another project to my WIP list 😊 On the last Thursday of each month we're re-introducing each block. I volunteered to make the first block since the turnaround time was so tight and the original designer of the January block, Roseann Kermes, was in California for Road to California. 

I adored doing a little bit of embroidery because it has been years since I have sat down and actually completed some! Head over to the Auribuzz blog for all of the details, and a picture of my completed block! 


  1. I love your Snow Bird block!! So freash and pretty! I don't do embroidery - maybe some day!! So glad you are loving your job with Aurifil!!!

    1. Thank you so much Cathy! Work has definitely been a fun adventure! It's mostly computer work and I don't always get to do some sewing, but I love when I do.

  2. Great block! Lucky you to have the job with Aurifil! That would be such a fun job to have.

  3. I've enjoyed the process as well! I changed it up a tad by adding bits of applique pieces in this go round!


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