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So I mostly failed for my Q1 list. I did finish my niece Cordelia's quilt, and her crib sheets but they didn't get a blog post because I had to mail them off to Pennsylvania before I could post. But I was sidelined by the fact that baby #2, due in October, wanted me to be sick for weeks! I found out right before going to QuiltCon that Jeff and I were having another baby, and it wasn't until mid to late March that I started feeling better.

As of this week I finally started sewing again! I missed it so much! My Q2 list is going to be a bit more conservative because for the entire second half on May I will be out of town. First I'll be at Quilt Market in Salt Lake City, and then I'm flying to Pennsylvania to meet up with my parents and William to visit my brother. Then we're driving back to Texas! Thankfully that means my lovely machine can go to the spa for a good cleaning.

So here is my list of projects:

  • May the 4th Swap
  • Shirt for my friend's market booth
  • Heart quilt 
  • Small world mini
  • Story time cross stitch sampler
All of these project are already in various states of progress, so it should be a good place to work off of. Here's to hoping baby #2 doesn't make me sick anymore! 


  1. congrats on the new baby! looks like a doable list. Can't wait to see what you accomplish

  2. Congrats on #2! And if you want to come to my house and do the eight million sewing projects I've been putting off, please do!


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