Monday, September 1, 2014

Nova Tote

This past week I had the opportunity to test the Nova Tote pattern by Three Owls Handmade. She is about to release it, and you'll be able to get it in her Craftsy Shop. Until then check out the #novatote tag on Instagram for some awesome inspiration!

At first, I struggled with choosing fabric for this tote because I didn't want to buy more fabric (I know crazy) but I didn't see anything in my stash that screamed "make me into a bag!" It wasn't until Saturday night that I dug into my A&M fabric stash and found some inspiration.

I have tons of leftover A&M fabric scraps, so a quick order from my trusty linen supplier (my awesome friends shop - Stitcherie) and I was in business. This time I went with Essex Yarn Dyed in Black. It photographs kinda grey but to me it is deeper in person.

The pattern doesn't call for using any interfacing, but I decided I wanted something with some structure and used Annie's Soft and Stable. Holy cow I feel like I have been living under a rock. That stuff is the bomb dot com when it comes to making your bag sturdy but still soft (whoever named it was right on point) and I don't think I will ever make another bag without it!

My friend Chrissy over at Sew Lux gave me some pointers on how to add the soft and stable to the handles of the bag. They have a great weight to them and will (hopefully) hold up really well. I wish I would have known how to to do it when I made my Aeroplane Bag because those straps have gotten kind worn and thin.

The pattern instructions even have 2 different lining methods, so that way of you have a directional print you won't end up with an upside-down design. I added the pocket on my own, and I think when I make another one I will add a zipper pocket too.

I'm starting my new job tomorrow (cue mild panic attack) and I am really excited to carry this bag with all my work goodies. That way I can show off my "other job" while working at my new one :)

I hope everyone had an amazing Labor Day!


  1. This is so cute! I love the horizontal stitching.

    1. Thanks Lisa!! It took forever, but I love how it looks :)


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