Saturday, May 3, 2014

Moving Day!!

Well the day is finally here!! We got our house keys on Thursday, and today we are finally moving all our stuff to the new place!

So I've been up since 7am stuffing the remainder of our things in to boxes and suitcases....
....kinda like this.

I can't wait to be all situated at our new place. Especially since I get a sewing room all for myself; we don't have to talk about how it's also supposed to be the guest room :)

Is is bad that I'm probably going to unpack that room first? 


  1. Nothing wrong with having a guest/sewing room. The extra fabric you have will be comfy places to sleep and sit, right? :) Good luck with your move!!

  2. How exciting to get started in a new sewing room. Enjoy!


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