Wednesday, November 6, 2013

WIP Wednesday

At the top of my WIP list are a couple of stockings that were ordered from my Etsy shop, unfortunately I had to order fabric for them so I haven't even started yet. 

Right behind those is my Marcelle Medallion! I LOOOOVEE this thing and I am so glad that I am claiming it as all mine when it is finished. 
Finally got these darn geese on my Marcelle medallion. #mmqal #marcellemedallion
Getting those geese right was the hardest part, but now that I've got those suckers on there I am ready to tackle the other borders.

I still have this thing to quilt. I cut the batting for it the other day, now I just need to get the backing put together so I can finish this up before my sister kills me for taking so long. This was her birthday gift.... her birthday was in August.

I finished my quilt top for the Shining Stars BOM, now I just need to order some Color Me Retro fabric for the backing and binding and this baby can be put in the done pile. Well I need to quilt it too.

Other things on my WIP List:
  • curtains for parents living room
  • applique shirt to go with William's red pants
  • bag pattern I'm testing
  • quilt pattern I'm testing
  • Christmas gifts for everyone
  • Advent Calendar QAL
I think that is it for my list, I really need to tame my crafty ADHD because I'm a tad overwhelmed with all the projects I have going on right now. At this point in time, I am trying to take one day at a time and not let myself get stressed out that much.

And I'm drinking a ton of coffee :)


  1. I love seeing the medallion quilt in all one colour - very striking.

  2. Loving your medallion quilt so far - I am going to have to make one of these ....

  3. You have quite a list there, but I definitely think that we all can relate! I love the purple and green quilt in the middle. Is that from a pattern? If so, what is it? I love it!

  4. Your quilt tops are sew pretty and love the hint of boys toys on the floor!

  5. Your Marcell Medallion is looking fabulous!!! I don't blame you for keeping that one all to yourself :)

  6. I love the medallion. It's fantastic, and I also love the feeling of getting to keep it when it's done. The stars came out very nice.

  7. All your WIP's are gorgeous!! You're a busy girl!
    What colors did you use for the backgrounds on your Shining Stars and your sisters quilt?

  8. I love all the blues in your medallion. Can't wait to see the finished quilt!

  9. Love your medallion so much, one of my faves!! Can't wait to see more!


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