Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend Ups & Downs

Well this weekend had a few ups and downs, well mostly ups and one down. I'll start with the bad news first.
As my Instagram followers already know, the power supply in my desktop died on Friday. I had a major minor panic attack when this happened because I have soooo many pictures and files on that computer, including a bunch of videos from when William was a newborn.

Thank goodness I have Jeffrey because he can fix the power supply so that I can get to all that stuff.

PSA: Back up all the important stuff on your computer!

The rest of the weekend was awesome. Saturday I volunteered at the Modern Quilt Guild booth at Quilt Festival, and then had some fun walking around the convention center. Saturday night was the HMQG meet-up at the Hilton of The Americas bar and it was so much fun!

I got this awesome book in a goodie bag, and I mingled with some of my favorite quilty ladies :)

Sunday morning was a lazy day and then on Sunday night, Jeff and I went to a concert to see his favorite band Streetlight Manifesto. They're a ska band and Jeff loves their music. It's so cute watching him sing along to the songs :)

This was their going away tour, and after this they will not be touring anymore so Jeff knew that as soon as the show was announced that we were going to go. They played an amazing show, and we had a great time! I am so thankful that my brother watched the baby for us so we could go.

Now it's Monday, and I am going to tackle my To-Do list that has about a dozen things on it! I hope everyone has a great week :)


  1. Oh geez...What shift did you volunteer? I was at the MQG booth from 10-noon. I'm going to feel silly if I didn't recognize you at the booth!

  2. I'm sorry about the computer, but I'm glad things are okay now! Glad you guys had a chance to go out and enjoy a nice date! xo

  3. Backing up my computer now!! I had a minor panic attack just reading that first bit!


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