Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Favorite Things to Watch When Doing Something Else

When I'm sewing, I love to have some noise in the background. It can either be a movie or some music; I don't know why but I just can't sew in silence (but I always drive without the radio off). But since I need to concentrate on sewing, I normally don't want to watch anything too interesting i.e. Braking Bad or Once Upon a Time.

Instead I have some go to shows for watching, but not watching while sewing.

        I love this show! I remember when it first came on TV and I would watch it with my dad. This one is great to "watch" because I have seen the episodes so many times that they are interesting to listen to but I don't need to actually watch the TV to know what is going on. 

2. Any Disney Movie. 
        The great thing about watching Disney movies is that if you don't watch them, it's like you are listening to music :) I think I drive William crazy when I sing along, but he's getting used to it!

 3. HGTV
        Well this one applied when we still had cable. So I can't do it anymore, but watching HGTV was always great because well lets be honest you only care about the big reveal after all the DIY stuff in the middle of the show lol.

4. Stand-Up Comedy
          Netflix has a huge selection of stand up comedians to choose from, so I don't have to listen to the same jokes over and over again. I don't always watch them, but it is a nice grown-up distraction to listen to after William has gone to bed.

These are my main 4, and well technically 3 since we don't have cable anymore. Plus I will listen to my Pandora stations. (mostly Disney & Musicals with a little Macklemore in there too)

What do you like to watch or listen to when doing something else?


  1. I can so relate!! I always have to have something on netflix or hulu (we don't have cable either) while I'm crafting, or putting together photo collages or round up posts for the blog. I'm always looking for shows that aren't that involved and can basically just be background noise, making project time a little more enjoyable though. (I save "Once Upon a Time" for when I can really sit down on focus on watching it too ;)) Mythbusters and DISNEY anything {of course! ;)} are faves at our house too! Fun post, Hilary ;)

  2. I'm obsessed with Grand Designs. I love having that on in the background! Otherwise it's usually a teen drama (pretty little liars or vampire diaries), comedy (30 rock, parks & rec, arrested development) or Jane Austen :)

  3. I always have Netflix on when I'm cleaning or doing stuff! I agree with you, it's a good distraction.


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