WIP Wednesday

 I haven't done a huge amount this week because I have been getting ready for our trip to Disney this week. We leave on Friday at 8 am and I am really excited but I have a couple things to get done before I leave.

First I got my first stocking order of the season from my Etsy shop!! They bought 3 stockings, so I have been busy getting those together and shipped by tomorrow.

I still have my Marcelle Medallion, but I haven't worked on it this week. I wanted to start on the flying geese but I know those will take some time. I might tackle it a little bit after I get my Etsy orders done.

I picked up this awesome little stack of fabric at Joann's the other day, and I plan on making my mom a bag out of it. I'll probably have to finish it when we get back from our trip though, unless I don't want to sleep one night and bust it out.... That is actually pretty likely.

 I still have my Sisters Ten BOM & my Shining Stars BOM waiting in the wings. They have been neglected since I started my Marcelle Medallion :( that's one of the drawbacks of having crafting ADHD.

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  1. your Marcelle Medaillon looks great in blue. Visiting from WIP Wednesday

  2. Oh, I love your medallion! It looks great! :)

  3. Nice Marcelle Medallion, I just bought the Liberty Love book. I'll work towards that, and you can work on your Swoon...

  4. The Marcelle Medallion looks amazing. I can't wait to see how this one takes shape. Nice.

  5. I have crafter's ADD too and completely understand what you are saying!! Your medallion looks awesome; you have done a great job with color placement!! JoAnn's has been having some great prints lately!

  6. Your medallion is coming along so nice! It's going to be a gorgeous quilt.


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