The Best Stroller I Have Ever Owned

Now that I'm well rested and have gotten all the lazy out of my system, I'm back to share with you the best stroller on the planet. Ok that might be an overstatement but I love this stroller. It is the Chicco Echo umbrella stroller, and it is sold exclusively at Target.  Unlike most umbrella strollers, this one has some pretty amazing features.
  • 4‐position reclining seat with adjustable leg support
  • Rear canopy panel provides added enclosure and zips off to allow air flow
  • Mesh storage basket with room for baby’s things
  • Dual front wheels with suspension and locking swivels
  • 5‐point harness with padded shoulder straps
  • Compact fold and carry handle for easy travel and storage
My mom was super awesome and bought it for William right before our trip to Disney World, and it was a lifesaver on the trip. It comes in some pretty awesome colors, including purple and turquoise, but William liked the green one so we went with green :)

Now I have to admit that before our trip, I was perfectly content with just renting a stroller in the parks. That is what I have done before and it worked, but my mom convinced me that taking our own will be a great idea.... She was right.

On our first trip in November we rented Disney's double stroller for the boys and used an inexpensivce umbrella stroller around the resort and Downtown Disney. It was a great option for us at the time and the umbrella stroller worked (most of the time).

In April, William did a lot more walking because we didn't take a stroller for the resort and just rented one in the parks. We were both very tired on this trip because I had t carry him several times when not in the parks, and he had a walk quite a bit sometimes.

This picture turned out blurry but it is actually one of my favorites. Having the stroller worked out great for my mom who has a boot on her foot because she has a partial tear in her Achilles tendon. The walk from our hotel room to where we would take the busy or get on the boat to go to the parks was pretty far, so having the stroller made it easy on everyone.

We are really lucky that William rides in his stroller so well, and doesn't fight to get out of it. But if he did I know he wont fall out because of the five-point harness.

William is on the larger end of the scale for this stroller. It is rated for kids weighing up to 40 lbs and he is tipping the scales at 32lbs. But it worked great and we didn't have any issues.

Another great thing about this stroller is that the handles are at a normal person height. I had one umbrella stroller that had really low handles and I almost had to bend over to push it, and I am only 5'6".

If you have ever owned an umbrella stroller, you know that the wheels are pretty crappy. This stroller however has amazing wheels and we never had any problems with them rolling (or not rolling). Plus I was able to run here and there a couple times (like really run not power walk) and I didn't have any problems with it being wobbly. Now I wouldn't recommend using this as a jogging stroller, but if you are late for a dinner reservation you can totally run to make it on time :)

The greatest part about this stroller is that it folded and unfolded super quickly and it was really lightweight to carry on and off of the bus.

There are several debates out there about weather or not you should take your own stroller to Disney, rent one in the parks, or rent one from an outside company and have it delivered to your hotel.I've never rented from an outside company, but I don't think I ever will. This stroller is awesome and I will never not take one again.

If you are looking for a great umbrella stroller, I totally recommend heading over to Target and checking out this stroller. It has been amazing so far, and it is definitely something I will hold onto for baby #2.


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