Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Rachel @ Pretty in Pink {Guest Post}

Hello friends!  My name is Rachael and I blog over at Pretty in Pink!  I blog about my life, friendships, dating disasters and of course, my favorite color in pink! I'm taking over for Hillary for the day while she is hanging around in Disney World!  
I participated in the Disney College Program when I was a sophomore in college, and today I'd love to share with you five hidden secrets of Disney World!

1. Disney Races
Are you a runner?  If so or even if you are just a casual runner (my version of running is sort of scary), I highly recommend doing a fun 5K or maybe a 10K if you're sporty!  You could plan your trip around it.
Some friends and I at the Everest 5k!
2. Look into the Disney Dining Plan!
Have you heard of the Disney Dining Plan?  This is a way to save money if you like to eat at the restaurants.  If you don't want to do character meals or sit downs, I would recommend not doing the dining plan, but if you are wanting to go to sit down places then the Dining Plan is a great choice!
Ignore the extremely cheesy face!  Eating @ Cinderella's Royal Table
3. Figure out Fast Pass/ My Magic Bands
Fast pass allows for you to plan your day out to maximize your fun!  I always make a list of a few things that I want to ride at each park and then we will go get fast passes at the beginning of the day.

4. Stay at a Disney resort
I know Disney resorts can be expensive, but hear me out on this.  When you stay at a resort, not only is it themed and fun, but you get to use the transportation, which saves you on gas and parking.  Awesome, and a total win win situation!

5. Ride the "hidden gems"
There are hidden gems at each park that are always less populated.  Make sure you check them out!  For example, the parades, shows and pin trading are some of my favorite things to do in the parks beside riding rides.

Let me know... what are some of your favorite Disney secrets?
Thanks for letting me take over, Hillary!!

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