Sunday, October 27, 2013

25 Before 25 Check-In

Well I have been semi-successful in the past month with my goals.
  1.  Finally lose those 10lbs that have been hanging on since having William. 
    • I've pretty much stalled where I was at last month. Thankfully I didn't gain 100lbs while I was eating tons of food on my Disney Vacation, but I really need to get back on track. If you use My Fitness Pal or RunKeeper, add me as a friend and we can cheer for each other!
  2. Complete 10 quilts (binding & all). 
  3. Start making significant & consistent money from my Etsy shop.
    • I've already had 3 orders in the past month, and I am hoping for a lot more. If you haven't checked out my shop then you totally should :) 
  4. Exercise at least 4 days a week. (this goes hand in hand with #1)
    • Yep, haven't been doing this... unless walking around Target counts. 
  5. Go camping as a family. 
  6. Go to the beach as a family. 
  7. Balance our finances and stick to a budget.  
    • Doing the same thing we have been doing.
  8. Be able to run 5 miles without stopping. (again goes with the exercise thing) 
  9. Grow my blog to at least 300 followers. 
    • I'm up to 231 followers :) GFC & Bloglovin combined. Love y'all!
  10. Feel comfortable in a bathing suit again. (again exercise)
  11. Keep in touch with my girlfriends more. 
  12. Save money and upgrade my camera to a DSLR.
  13. Visit a state I have never been to before.
  14. Bake soft pretzels from scratch.
  15. Get a family portrait taken.
  16. Start planning a wedding. This one hinges on Jeff's decision to make us "official" :)
  17. Have a pattern published in a Magazine or Moda Bake Shop.
    • I have a pattern sketched out :) I am very excited about it!
  18. Read at least 25 books. 
  19. Read to William more consistently. 
    • We read every night!
  20. Have an organized meal plan each week. 
  21. Teach William how to do age appropriate chores
    • He is still doing great at helping with the dishes and laundry :) 
  22. Visit my brother more often. 
  23. Open a savings account for William, and start saving for college.  
    • DONE!
  24. Finish William's 1st year scrapbook.
  25. Make The Weekender Bag & The Aeroplane Bag
That is my progress so far. This past month has definitely been more slow and steady. I am hoping to kick it into high gear in November when it comes to exercise and everything. That way I can burn off all those delicious Thanksgiving foods :)

What goals are y'all working towards? 


  1. You are doing so great! Keep up the good work missy!

  2. Yay keep it up :) Ive so slacked on mine -_-

  3. thank you so much for leaving blog love about my little shop! walking around target totally works, by the way.

    1. No problem :) I'm glad walking around Target counts because I do that a lot lol

  4. love this!


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