Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Our Lazy Labor Day Weekend

Our Labor Day weekend was a lazy one, and we loved it. Saturday we headed over to my brothers house to watch the Texas A&M game. My brother cooked an amazing brisket and we kicked back a couple of beers while enjoying the game. My dad even drove into town to visit and watch the game with us.
William rocking his awesome Texas A&M shirt. I asked him to smile for me, and this is the face I received!

 The boys shared ice cream with their Grandpa after we had lunch :)

After the game, Sadie and I took Jack and William over to the playground and let the boys run around for a bit. They have a playground right in their apartment complex, so it was a nice relaxing walk over there.
Love this boy :) He was hesitant about going on this slide because at the top it just looks like a tunnel, but he loved it after he figured it out.

 Little Jack loved the playground, and he was certainly fearless when it came to climbing all over everything.

William looks really freaked out in this picture, and he was but not for the reason you might think... haha he was worried about his shoe that had just fallen off!

 I love this action shot of him running :) He looks so determined to get somewhere.

Sunday was a lazy day filled with cleaning, sewing, and exercise. I was able to get a couple more blocks done for my Shining Stars Block of the Month.

Monday was another lazy day with sewing, cleaning, and exercise. Plus we had our Fantasy Football draft that night. My brother and our friend Chris came over and we had a great time. 
I made chicken tacos in the crock pot and they turned out awesome! I think I'm going to throw a post together with the recipe because they were way too delicious to not share. :)

I hope everyone else had an amazing Holiday weekend :) I know we did!


  1. It sounds like you had a great weekend! The playground, especially looks like fun. And I like your star blocks :)

  2. Whoop! William looks good in maroon! So glad yall got to have a lazy weekend- those are the best!


  3. Looking forward to that chicken taco recipe!

    1. I'm hoping to have it posted by Friday :) I'm gonna wait a couple days so I can take pictures of a fresh batch, and not our Tupperware container of leftovers lol

  4. Okay you seriously have the cutest boys ever! And I love that you sew, I'm so jealous. This might sound cray cray bc im not good at being domestic, but how exactly do you make tacos in the crockpot? that sounds so yummy!

  5. Hello, I am new to following your blog! I thought your Labor day weekend sounded very relaxing. I had a good one, too! Though, it was a bit more work! I went camping with my husband and seven month old baby (our first)!!

    1. Oh Camping sounds so fun :) I really want to take my son when it cools of down here.


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