Friday, September 27, 2013

Disney Packing List

There are T-minus 7 days and counting until William and I head out with my parents on our Walt Disney World vacation! As our trip gets closer I am getting super excited, but it's bittersweet because Jeff wasn't able to take off work and join us :( Whenever we take our next vacation, he is for sure going with us!

Anyway, I have been looking over my packing list and getting everything we need for this trip together. We are driving this time so I don't have to worry about being super condensed for flying, but I can't over pack either. Over packing is my Dad's biggest pet-peeve. He will pack for an entire week in one backpack! I just can't do that no matter how versatile my wardrobe is lol.

So here is My List:
  • 5 pairs of shorts
  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • 10 shirts - both long & short sleeved
  • light jacket/sweater
  • undies etc. 
  • socks + extra pairs
  • tennis shoes
  • Sperry's
  • flip-flops
  • swimsuit
  • sunscreen & bug spray
  • toiletries - shampoo etc. 
  • pillow
  • hat 
  • sunglasses

William's List:
  • 10 pairs of shorts
  • 5 pairs of pants
  • undies with plenty of extras
  • pajamas for 8 days
  • socks + extra pairs
  • tennis shoes - 2 pairs
  • flip-flops
  • swimsuit
  • 2 toys
  • blanket
  • pillow
  • stuffed animal
  • hat
  • sunglasses
Those are our basics. Basically the normal stuff you would take on any trip plus some extras. William needs more pants & things because he might be potty trained, but accidents happen. And his extra tennis shoes might be a mystery to some, but when a child has an accident standing up.... it ends up in their shoes.

Obviously there are other items you need when going on vacation so this next list is going to have those things. For Disney, I highly recommend carrying a backpack rather than a purse. Our first trip in November I had a purse and a backpack, and it was a real hassle. In April I just used a backpack and it was a breeze. I only had one bag that needed to be check, and I was able to have both arms available without worrying about dropping my purse.

Other Items:
  • camera + charger and extra SD cards
  • video camera + charger and extra SD cards
  • ponchos
  • band-aids and blister ointment
  • first-aid kit with all the necessities
  • a backpack
  • sippy cup + snack cup
  • Disney Trading Pins
  • autograph book
  • squeeze fruit packs
  • hand sanitizer 
This is what I have so far, but I'll probably be adding things here and there as it gets closer to when we leave. One thing that I have gotten good at is only needing one bag for each of us plus our backpack.

And my biggest piece of advice is once you get to your hotel unpack your stuff and put it in the drawers & closet. That way your suitcases can be put up out of the way and you're not tripping over bags while in the hotel room.


  1. I'm so excited for yall! You're going to have a blast and William is going to be so excited!


  2. Super jealous. One of these years we'll have to run a disney race together! Take a picture with your arm out to pretend I'm there with you! Have a GREAT TIME!!

    1. We totally need to! I'm bummed I wasn't able to register for the race this weekend, but I am still excited about the trip!


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