Friday, August 23, 2013

William Says the Darnedest Things

Now that William is older his vocabulary has really expanded and it is pretty darn hysterical sometimes. Here are a couple of my favorite,and not so favorite, things that he says:

"Big turd right there" - Thankfully right there is always in the toilet.

"Ride in big Mum's car" - We said we were going for a ride in Mum's big car and he transposed big and mum, and now he'll only say big mum instead of Mum's big lol

"adventure Mum and Grandpa" - Whenever I tell him we are going somewhere, he jumps right to adventure Mum and Grandpa because of our upcoming vacation in October.

"shut the door" - When we put him down for bed, he says good night then follows quickly with this lol it's like he's a teenager already!

"more!" & "no" - these are 2 words I wish he would have never learned!

He yells "dinner done" whenever the microwave beeps :)

He knows to say "Xbox next episode" when we are watching Netflix, and it has actually worked a couple of times.

If music is on he shouts "dance party mama" it is very adorable.

He says "oh no tire!" every time his trucks crash because when Lightning McQueen crashes in Cars it's because of his tires (we've watched Cars entirely too many times lol)

One not so wonderful thing he has said is "holy s***" while playing with his cars. Thankfully this doesn't happen very often, and we always make sure he know that those are bad words. I really need to find better things to say while getting cut off in Houston traffic lol

These are just a couple of things that he says on a daily basis. It is so adorable listening to the things he says, and sometimes I am the only one that actually understands him.

I hope everyone has a great weekend :) I'm looking forward to the HMQG sew-in tomorrow. Hooray for uninterrupted sewing time from 10am - 4pm!


  1. Aren't they hilarious at that age!!! Love it, esp the turd, hahahahaah!!!!

  2. Haha sounds like endless entertainment!


  3. I was a toddler teacher, and those kids were pure entertainment! It's cool that you're documenting what he says, so you can show him when he's older--he'll get a kick out of it. :)

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