Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Weekender Bag Inspiration

When I was in Austin a couple weekends ago for the Austin Shop Hop, I picked up a Weekender Bag pattern by Amy Butler. I have seen dozens of these gorgeous bags all over the internet, and I have decided to drink the kool-aid and make one too!

I've heard that it is very challenging to make, so I have definitely been doing my research on tips and tricks for this pattern. I found some great pointers at Oh, Fransson! so I am feeling a bit more confident about tackling this project.

As far as design goes, I know that I want to make one that is quilted, but I don't know what fabric I want to use yet. I want something darkish because I want to be able to use this bag a lot, and I don't want something that will stain easily.

Weekender Bag
This is one bag I found while pursuing Flickr. I love the colors, and I actually have 2 of the fabrics that are used for this bag. Plus it's blue so when i have another baby, it could be his diaper bag. (I'm convinced our next child will be a boy too btw).

Weekender Bag Complete!
I also really like this bag. The patchwork is adorable, and I actually like the color scheme even though it is pretty light. My mom would really like something like this, so I might make her one too :)

Quilted Weekender Bag
I was drawn to this one because of the scrappiness of it and because it is blue. I also love the polka-dot print that was used for the handles and the piping. I have found that since having a baby boy, I'm not that big into girly color schemes any more.

My Patchwork Weekender
And this bag contradicts everything I just said in the previous paragraph because to me it looks very girly, but I kinda like it in a strange adorable way. The stars on that front pocket are awesome and the color scheme is darling.

So that is where I am stuck right now. I have a ton of Texas A&M fabric and I have actually toyed with making one with that.... hmm I have some thinking to do. I'm going to go dig through my fabric and see what inspires me :)

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  1. lol... you are so funny. I would pick the one fabric I like least to learn on and then make another out of my favorite! But then again I have a hard time cutting into fabric that I really love. Can't wait to see the finished project.
    xo jan


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