Tuesday, August 13, 2013

We Rocked it at the Jonas Brothers Concert!

Last Wednesday my sister, mom and I went to the Jonas Brothers concert here in Houston and it was awesome! The day started out with us standing in the sun for almost 3 hours so that we could get into the VIP Sound Check. It was hot and miserable but awesome.

Side-note: Parents please teach your children to throw away their trash. I saw so many girls just throw their empty water cups on the ground. I went around cleaning them up which earned me some good Karma for later in the evening.

Anyway back to the fun events! After standing in line we finally got into the venue for the sound check.
It was so hot, but we survived and got these awesome VIP thingys. Emily was smart and wore sunscreen.... I was not smart.

I have to say I think Kevin might be my favorite Jonas Brother :) He seems the most normal out of the 3, and I love watching Married to Jonas on E!

Joe rocking that tank top :)
Nick was really reserved during the sound check.
After the sound check we had to leave the venue again, so we walked across the street to the Market Street area of The Woodlands to this amazing restaurant and had lunch.

This was the most delicious creme brulee that I have ever had. That chunk on top was a piece of homemade Butterfinger. I was in heaven eating this, and I definitely did not share a single bite lol

My mom and Emily sitting in our BOX SEATS!
So remember when I accrued some good karma because I was picking up peoples trash... well this is where it came back and rewarded us. When we walked back across the street from lunch, there was this man in his truck waiting outside the venue in the little circle drive and he called my mom over (I know that sounds like the beginning of something weird).

Well he wasn't a weirdo, in fact his company had tickets for the box seats but his clients couldn't come, so he gave them to us.... for FREE! It was amazing. We had our own little roped off row with leather seats and a waitress to bring us alcohol and snacks! Plus we could be sitting and still see over the people in front of us who were standing up! It was by far the best concert I have ever been to :)

These are all the pictures I have because I forgot my camera like an idiot, and my phone died. But it didn't really matter because instead of worrying about taking pictures, I could enjoy the concert and my giant margarita :) We had a blast, my sister and I danced around like crazy people, and of course had a good cry during 'When You Look Me in the Eyes'

I can't wait until we go to their next concert! What is one of your favorite concert memories?

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