Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Strep Throat Woes

We've got the strep throat woes around the house this week. Poor little William and I went to the doctor today and his throat swab came back positive for strep :( This is the first time he has had it, and he is miserable. He's so lethargic and mopey. It's so sad when he is so sick and lazy.

Poor little thing has been sleeping on and off all day, and was battling a 102° fever :( Thankfully his fever broke and he is getting better slowly. The Dr. gave us antibiotics, so hopefully he will be back to his normal self very soon.

I'm just glad that Jeffrey isn't the one that is sick. I love him to death, but he is terrible at being sick. He gets so needy and dramatic lol It's like Cameron from Ferris Bueller.

While William is getting better, I am doing all I can to avoid getting sick too. I'm taking my vitamins, chugging water like crazy, and drinking immune boosters.

Wish me luck! I'm too busy to get sick. How do the men/boys in your life handle being sick?


  1. Poor baby! Hope he feels better soon!


  2. That A&M cup may not help you much. :) Hope everyone gets to feeling better SOON!

  3. Hope he feels better soon! :( Ryan refuses to believe he's sick or go to the doctor until his fever is out of this world and he can barely move. It's quite the ordeal. Boys are silly.

  4. I hope your little man feels better soon! We are battling ear infections with Molly. It's never fun seeing them suffer!

  5. Hope he feels better soon and that you don't get sick!!


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