Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sisters Ten BOM Progress

It has been a while since I've updated y'all on the progress of my Sisters Ten Block of the Month. I'm mostly caught up with everything, I just need to work on my blocks for August. I have them cut out but not pieced together yet.
All of my blocks up on the wall... I think I need more of that red print.

Here are all my completed blocks on my design wall. I am loving how they are looking but I definitely need to use more of that red print to balance everything out. The colors are a lot more vibrant in person. This quilt is totally going on the daybed that I am going to have in my craft room... when I actually have a craft room that is :)

Finally got my 2nd block for July done. #sisterstenBOM #genXquilters #quilting

This is the most recent block I have done, and it's from July... I should really work on those August blocks considering August is over in like 2 days!

I can't believe the summer has gone by so quickly. It seems like just yesterday Jeff was graduating and we were moving to Houston.

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  1. Those are such pretty blocks, your quilt is going to be lovely.

  2. Interesting desing wall :-) Nice blocks.

  3. Lovely - these will make a beautiful and fun quilt! Stopping in from Fresh Sewing Day!

  4. Cute! I love the fabrics you chose!


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