Thursday, July 11, 2013

William is a Talking Machine

William is a little chatter box now that he is getting older and it is thoroughly adorable. 

 Jeff wasn't home from his guys night yet so William and I sent this video to him when it was time for bed.

He will repeat pretty much everything we say, even a few things he shouldn't say. I've been really watching my language for months now so that he doesn't pick up the bad words, but every now and then one slips. Last week we got cut off by this crazy person and I instinctively said "holy shit".... guess who also said it 5 more times.

His current favorite phrase is "I watch Queen big TT" which translates to "I want to watch McQueen on the big TV". Seriously he has probably watched Cars 100 times in the past 2 months. Jeff and I can quote it word for word now. But it occupies William while I do chores, and we'll go to the park when I'm done so he doesn't get TV time overload.
See we went to the park :)
He also has started using the infamous NO pretty frequently :( I've been trying to combat this with teaching him the proper way to say no i.e. "no thank you" 'no ma'am" "no sir". It's been working eh, but like most things baby related one day it will just stick. 

I felt like sharing some of William's cuteness today :) I'll leave you with this video of him from the last time we were at Disney World :) Ignore my weird "mom" voice.

I'm off to sew some more stars :)

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  1. Hahaha that video with his hand in his back pocket is cute!


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