Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Recap

This past weekend we went to Austin to visit my parents. We were going to go float the river on Saturday, but we were both so exhausted from our busy week that we just slept in and had family time. I'm very much a homebody, so getting to go home to Austin and spend time with my parents was amazing.

We visited our neighbors who have a small farm, ate way too much food, drank with my parents (which is always hilarious), and played Mexican Train. If you've never played Mexican Train you should because it is a lot of fun! It's a domino game similar to chicken foot, so more people can play at once. We had 8 people playing and it was awesome!

Plus I did better this weekend and remembered my camera!
William loved seeing the goats at our neighbors house.
They just got a bunch of new baby goats. They were so adorable.
I even got to hold one :) He was so soft, but his cuteness ended when he tried to eat my hair.

They have a beautiful rooster. I said that it looks like the type of rooster that would be on a cookie jar lol

William loved all of the animals.
Later that night we had punch and played Mexican Train. The punch was delicious and so was the rum soaked fruit in the bottom.
Playing Mexican Train.
My sister chowed down on the fruit too.
I love this man :)
Jeffrey and William the next day at breakfast.
Sharing some orange juice. Love them :)
My cute little boy.
William and his grandpa.

Heading home. He was pooped.

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  1. Awesome it appears we were both in Austin this weekend! :) I'm glad you had a good time too!

  2. Oh my gosh those goats are killing me! Too cute! Glad yall had a wonderful weekend!


  3. OMG... can I PLEASE have some of that punch! Yum! xo

  4. those baby goats, so cute! You guys look like you had an awesome weekend :)

    Em K

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