Monday, July 1, 2013

The Little Gym

I knew that when we moved to Houston, I wanted to find a mommy-and-me class for William and I to go to. So I searched around online and found that there was The Little Gym pretty close to us, so I signed up for the free intro class.

We went to the class and it was awful. Not because the class itself was awful, the class was actually amazing, but William did awful :(  He screamed when other children came near him, he would scream if I walked away from him, and well basically he screamed at everything.

Through all this the teacher Miss Amanda was amazing. She kept reassuring me that most kids do this the first few times, and it normally takes 2-3 classes before they are comfortable. (I must have looked as frazzled as I felt)

Well today we went to our 4th class, and William has gotten so much better. He doesn't have outbursts, and he is starting to love being around the other little kids.

It's so cute because he'll say "bye bye Miss Amanda" at the end of class :) I am so glad that we joined this class, and I definitely think we'll keep going to others once the summer session is over. 

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