Thursday, July 18, 2013

I Have a Problem

Hi, My name is Hilary and I love the Jonas Brothers. Seriously I have a problem lol I'm a 24 year old woman and I adore the Jonas Brothers. My sister and I are going to their concert next month, and we have been to 4 of their other concerts. I know all the words to their songs, and I even watch Married to Jonas on E!

I have to say I am beyond excited about the concert next month. My mom is amazing and splurged to get us VIP sound check tickets. It's going to be amazing!

These pictures are from when we saw them at the Houston Rodeo in 2010.
Yep we're those fans that cry during the concert :)

These pictures are from when we saw them at the Houston Rodeo in 2009.

We've seen them 2 other times. Once at the San Antonio rodeo and we had floor seats at that show, and once in Dallas.

The Dallas show was epic because we had floor seats and we pushed our way up to the stage. I totally pushed a girl out of the way so we could be next to the stage :) It was amazing.

Jeff picks on me because he says I'm a grown woman lusting over little boys lol The way I see it, they're all my age so it's not weird right? Hey at least I'm not in love with One Direction or those other teeny bop bands that are cool right now. Not yet at least.

Do you have any embarrassing loves? 

I'll leave you with this :)

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  1. I love the Jonas Brothers too, don't worry you aren't alone! I think Danielle Jonas is adorable!


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