Thursday, June 13, 2013

Potty Training Success

I think it is safe to say that William is mostly potty trained and it is AMAZING! I say mostly potty trained because he still will not go #2 in the toilet. He has gone two whole days wearing big boy underpants without having any accidents.

I think the main reason we had so much success is because we didn't force it. He got a big boy potty for Christmas, so we always had it there in the bathroom and would occasionally sit him on it. The first dozen times he sat on the potty nothing happened, it took about a month for him to feel comfortable using the potty.

He would use the potty on and off and even pooped in it a couple of times, but we never really made it a routine. Then about a month ago I bought him some big boy underpants and started this potty training thing full steam ahead. And to my surprise it worked out amazingly!

Since I stay home with him, we did the naked trick. (i.e. he's naked all day so you can teach them that their poop and pee goes in the toilet). We did have several potty training fails, including poop and pee on the floor several times.

He has gotten to the point where he can tell us if he needs to use the potty. UPDATE: We've gone 3 days so far wearing big boy underpants without any accidents. We went out to the store and everything! He is still wearing a diaper over night, but I don't think that will last much longer. This morning when he woke up the first thing he said was "I pee in bed". So he knows that he is doing it!

As much as I have loved cloth diapering William, I cannot wait until he is 100% potty trained! I'll do a victory dance and shout for joy when that day comes.

This properly depicts my excitement about William being potty trained :) I've become addicted to Arrested Development!


  1. Oh lol.....brings it all back!! I have 3 grown sons....#2 is the very last of the potty training. And I found once you take the night time diaper off; it all stops....fingers crossed.

  2. My son is 5 now and it took him until he was 4 to be completely trained. How old is William? I know it doesn't matter the age,but just curious. My son would pee in his bed off and on. One night he would be good and the next totally NOT! i tried the whole letting him run around with just undies on and that worked hit and miss--no pun intended;) We did go out somewhere one day and he made a big mess. (I won't go into details) Then we went back to diapers when we were out. Eventually underwear again.

    I always heard though that when they are ready,they are READY:):)

    Best of luck with it and that handsome young man!


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