Monday, May 20, 2013

Almost Finished!

Well I would say we are about 90% finished with our move to Houston. We still have about one car load of stuff back in our duplex in College Station, but we have everything else in the new place. Most of our furniture is in it's place, and we have slowly started unpacking all our boxes.

I snapped a couple of pictures before we got everything move in. Our unit is just under 1,300sq feet, so there is lots of space for our little family :) 

 This is the view from the foyer. From here the laundry room is directly to the left.

The Laundry room. I ADORE that I finally have an actual room for the washer and dryer. When I get lazy and don't do laundry, I have a place to hide it when company comes over :)

This is the living room. It is much larger than it appears in this picture. I love that we have those really big windows because they let in so much natural light during the day.

 The master bedroom is big too. We have a full sized bed and it only takes up half of the room.

Our master bathroom with amazing double sinks and huge vanity! I already claimed the drawer for my make-up and things :)

 Large soaking tub in the master bath.

 Half of the master closet.
I love that the closet is connected to the bathroom rather than the bedroom. It makes getting ready in the morning super easy, and it frees up wall space in the bedroom.

 The dining/my future sewing room :) I think the wall of mirrors is an interesting touch. I catch William making faces at himself.

 They are great though because they reflect a lot of natural light when those big windows are open.

 The guest bathroom also has a big soaking tub.

The kitchen is probably the biggest kitchen I have ever gotten the chance to cook in! I love that there is an island, and eventually we're going to get a little table to put in front of the window.

 I also love the nice big windows in this room too :)

 The view of the living room from the kitchen. The only room I didn't take a picture of is William's, but it is nice and big too!

I can't wait to get everything unpacked and in its place. I am shooting for getting it done before Jeff starts work, that way he won't have anything to worry about or wonder if his stuff is in boxes still. Plus I am dying to get back to sewing! The sooner I unpack, the sooner I can sew :)


  1. Good morning! I found you via the Peacoats n Plaid Blog Hop!

    Congrats on your move! We're always moving house and I love the excitement of a new home hehe.

    Looking forward to staying up to date with you!

    Leanne x

  2. Omg what a huge apartment! It looks so nice too :) Congrats and glad the move went smoothly!

  3. Hi Hilary. I'm back again... This time with a nomination for the Liebster Award.

    Leanne x

  4. Congrats on the move, hope you settle in quickly and can start to enjoy your new home even more.

  5. Coming from GFC collective blog hop.
    New follower via GFC


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