Busy Busy

This past weekend has been super busy. I've been packing, cleaning, and making things for my Etsy shop.

I made a handful of these adorable headbands, out of some fabric scraps I had leftover from all the stockings I made at Christmas. My sister was an amazing model for me :)

And tonight I taught my very first sewing class at JoAnn's. I signed up to be one of their classroom teachers a couple of months ago, but since the store just started offering the classes no one signed up (till now that is). The project for the class was a simple shopping tote, and only one person signed up for the class.

Even though I get paid by the number of people who take the class, I was actually relieved that there was only one person. It gave me the chance to kinda get the swing of things and "learn" how to teach (if that makes sense).

I can't wait to teach more classes. I had so much fun and it gives me a chance to have some grownup time :) Every mom needs some grownup time every now and then!


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  2. I'm getting back into sewing. Are the headbands difficult to make? Following you from Friend Connect Blog Hop :)
    SunKissed Peony


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