Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bathroom Organization

Hey guys, sorry about posting this a day late. Yesterday was my birthday and I decided to take the day off :) I guess that is one of the perks of being your own boss.

The first thing I did when I embarked on Spring Cleaning our bathrooms was take a look at the wonderful checklist I got from The Happier Homemaker. Most of the things on the list are pretty basic deep cleaning tasks; Cleaning the toilet, cabinets, baseboards, etc. What I was interested in doing most was organizing and clearing out what wasn't needed in our cabinets.

This is what the cabinet in our master bathroom looked like before emptying it out. Nothing had a designated place inside the cabinet, so its all just piles of stuff. Lots and lots of disorganized stuff. There was so much stuff in there that it completely covered the bathroom counter when it was all laid out.

Jeff's family always gets him a bottle of Ralph Lauren cologne for Christmas, but I can't remember the last time he actually wore cologne. The one in the red box is the newest addition to the unintentional collection.

It took me around an hour and a half to go through everything and throw away all the junk, plus organize what we were going to keep. Luckily Jeff was on campus working late and the baby was asleep for the night, so I had no interruptions.

Bottom Shelf (L to R): my haircare products, basket of my everyday face stuff, makeup bag, lotions.                          Middle Shelf (L to R): cologne and perfume, sunscreen, drawers with misc feminine items, basket of nail polish etc.     Top Shelf (L to R): Extra soaps & travel sizes, misc first aid items.
This is what the cabinet looked like when I was done.  Now everything has it's own little space, and hopefully it will stay that way for an extended period of time (well at least until we move). The best part about cleaning out the cabinet is that now I can find exactly what I need when I need it. Plus when we move, we know exactly what we have and wont have to move anything that needs to be trashed.


  1. love the little compartments! looks so clean and organized. new follower via the blog hop :)


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