Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Young House Love Book Signing

Last night I had the opportunity to go to the Young House Love booking signing at Book People in Austin, TX. It was so much fun, and I am so thankful to my dad for babysitting William for almost 4 hours! The event started at 7pm and I ended up getting there about 5:45. I was early but it was a good thing because I wouldn't have gotten a seat had I waited any longer.

John ans Sherry came out and did a 30 minute talk about how writing the book was so drastically different than writing their blog, and they were so funny in person. They were really relaxed and personable, and took all types of questions from the crowd.

After the talk they went upstairs to sign books, and Book People had divided everyone into groups based on when you purchased your book. There were easily 200 people there. It was kinda crappy that you HAD to purchase your book from them in order to have it signed, but hey that's how the store makes money from the event. There were two girls sitting behind me that had driven up from San Antonio, in the pouring rain, and they couldn't get their books signed.

 I didn't want to be creepy and take lots of pictures, so I only have these two :) For some reason they had Sherry's microphone really short, and of course my luck would be to take a picture when she is awkwardly talking into it.

I also got a picture with them when they signed my book! They were so nice :)  I've already started reading the book, and I am busy trying to decide which projects I should tackle first.

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