Thursday, November 1, 2012

William's Pirate Costume

This year for Halloween, I made William's costume and I am so excited about how it turned out. He is still at the age where Jeff and I get to pick what he is going to be for Halloween, and this year he was a pirate :) Originally I was going to make him a pumpkin costume, but when I came across the pirate pattern I changed my mind. I used Simplicity 2561 to make the costume and it was really simple to make.

This year for Halloween, we went out to the George Bush Sr. Presidential Library for the Trick-or-Treat event they were having on Sunday evening. They had carnival games, bouncing castles, and trick-or-treating inside the museum. It was so much fun, and William had a great time walking around and seeing all the other little kids.

William and Jeff at the George Bush Sr. Presidential Library.

Pirate baby!

He was eating a Tootsie Roll and kept stopping to look at it.

I love this picture of him
For Wednesday night, we went out to our friend's neighborhood to trick-or-treat with her and her kids. He did alright when it came to traditional trick-or-treating, but he was more interested in playing in peoples front yards.

Halloween morning! Looking cute in his jack-o-lantern pajamas.

I was clearly more excited then he was :)

 His first candy of the night was a Twix :) his mommy's favorite. His idea of eating it was sucking all the chocolate off and then spitting the rest out on the ground.

 William was fascinated by this rock path between two of the houses.
 His daddy went to rescue him :)
My two handsome boys at the end of the night :) we had such a great time, and they were both pooped and ready for bed.

Overall it was so much fun, and I cannot wait till next year! I'm going to try to start making costumes sooner so that we can all match as a family! I'm thinking Wizard of Oz or Star Wars :) I have a little while to plan it out :)


  1. Cute costume and William is adorable! My son and daughter-in-law are living in Texas. A big adjustment for my Colorado county boy.

    1. Thank you so much! I think he's pretty adorable too, but I'm a bit biased :) Texas can definitely be a big change. We have some good friends that live in Colorado. It is definitely one of our favorite places to visit.


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