Sunday, October 28, 2012

Emily's Red Riding Hood Costume

Normally for Halloween I make myself a costume, but this year I made William's costume and my sister Emily's costume. I made William a pirate costume, but that is a subject for another post. Emily wanted to be Little Red Riding Hood, so I made it happen :) I used Simplicity 3618 and it came together relatively quickly. 

I really wanted to make the pirate version for myself so that William and I could coordinate, but I ran out of time :(  I think Emily's costume turned out awesome! This year she went to her very first college Halloween party! She has never been the most social person, so I am really proud of her that she is being so outgoing now that she is in college.
I think she is making a perfect super model face here :)
The outfit was 5 pieces total: shirt, skirt, cape, vest, and bloomers. I originally made the bloomers out of white fabric and then dyed them red at the last minute... they turned pink :( I'm probably going to buy some more red Kona Cotton and make her a pair that doesn't look silly for if she decides to wear it again.

I am super happy that Emily asked me to make her Halloween costume this year. I always love the opportunity to make something for someone else :)

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