Thursday, September 6, 2012

Gallery Wall

A couple of weeks ago I finally unpacked all of our pictures and hung this amazing gallery wall in the living room : ) As you can obviously see, we mostly have pictures of William right now (note to self: get family portrait done soon). 

I looked online for some inspiration on how to layout the gallery wall, but I really didn't like anything I found. So I ended up just winging it and I love the result! 

I love how some of the frames lined up perfectly, and how others are slightly askew :)
 I started by hanging the big gold frame first and then just worked out from there. It was a lot of trial and error before finally coming together. A good trick to keep the frames in place once you hang them on the wall, is to use a couple pieces of sticky tack on the back bottom corners of the frame. That way when you dust or someone slams the front door really hard, you won't have frames getting all wonky. 

 This frame is by far my favorite! And thanks to the coupon I had and the awesome sale at Micheal's, it was only $20! One day William is going to bring a date home, and I will be sure to show them this picture of his cute little bottom :)

These pictures are from when we went to Disney for my sisters 16th birthday. The bottom right picture is quite possibly the best picture of my parents ever! Gotta love Disney World! 

Here is the entire family at my graduation from Texas A&M in May 2011. I'm not sure if you can notice but my sister-in-law and I are were about 6-7 months pregnant at the time!
Of course more Disney World pictures :) these are from Christmas 2009. 

And the cherry on top is this cross stitch that I made last summer. Eventually, when Jeff and I have a "real" house (meaning we own it) I want to use this cross stitch as a color scheme for our living room.

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