Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Too Many T-Shirts

In the extravaganza of packing and moving I discovered that I have entirely too many t-shirts. They're all my high school and college shirts that I want to keep, but I most likely will not wear again. Today while William and I were out and about I stopped into this quilt shop, valli & Kim, out in Dripping Springs near my parents place. They have tons of beautiful fabric and notions, and I found this awesome book about t-shirt quilts.

It has several tips on how to make your t-shit quilt uniquely you and not the run of the mill kind you see everywhere. There are even a couple patterns for making a t-shirt quilt out of baby clothes! I cannot wait till we get moved into our new place so that I can get started on a t-shirt quilt out of William's baby shirts.

In the store they also have these amazing sewing machine tables, and I absolutely fell in love with them. They are both beautiful but the pistachio green one is my favorite. I think the scallops are super fun and girly, and I would love to have a permanent home for my sewing machine. 

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