Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mirror Makeover

 The same weekend that I was in Austin for the Country Living Fair I picked up an amazing old mirror from an antique shop by my parents house. I even got to use my haggling skills and saved $5!

I had been searching for a mirror like this for a long time, but I could never find one that fit my budget. This one was just what I had been looking for, super cute and only $15 after my awesome haggling.

The mirror had some funky green stains on it, but once I cleaned it up and sanded it you couldn't really notice them. 

Originally I was just going to paint the mirror this ivory color, but with how light the color was you could see the seams in the frame. Seeing the seams really bothered me, so I decided to paint it a dark brown color.

My little man keeping me company! I love him so much :)

After the first coat of brown paint. I used Martha Stewart Metallic paint that I found at Home Depot and it turned out super cute. The metallic effect is very understated and turned out beautiful!

I toyed with the idea of putting a poly coat on after I painted it, but I love the look that I ended up with just the two coats of paint. So rich and chocolatey, and what girl doesn't love chocolate!

William loves to admire himself in the mirror. He's proud of his mommy's craftiness! I love how simple and fast this project was. I was able to finish most of it during William's afternoon nap.

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