Sunday, May 20, 2012

Adventures in Cloth Diapering

We have been going back and fourth with cloth diapering since we brought William home from the hospital. When he was a newborn, we cloth diapered him and it worked out great for a couple of weeks.
     William rocking a green Lil'Joey newborn diaper from Rumparooz. I loved that these had the inner gussets like disposables have. They worked great for his little booty.

     William in a GroVia newborn diaper. These also worked great but I think the Lil'Joeys were my favorite newborn diapers.
    Despite how great the newborn cloth diapers were we ran into a few issues that caused us to stray away from cloth:
    1. At that point in time, I had about 8 newborn sized cloth diapers. They worked great but we just didn't have enough. 
    2. I was way too tired to be doing laundry all the time because we only had 8 newborn sized cloth diapers.
    Needless to say we got into the routine of using disposables (YUCK!) and it stuck for a while. Here and there I would put William in a GroVia shell and insert, but I didn't have a diaper sprayer at the time so it didn't work out too great.

    Now that William has gotten older he has been having TERRIBLE issues with diaper rash. He had a yeast rash about a month ago and recently his poor little butt was so raw that just changing his diaper caused him pain. That was the turning point for me; seeing my poor baby scream because of this terrible rash on his booty literally made me cry.

     Currently he is sound asleep in a Rumparooz pocket diaper with both inserts. Our stash of fluff still isn't fantastic but it is slowly but surely growing. I'll be posting more cloth diapering adventures as we encounter them.

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