Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Dream Closet

Most of the time when people hear the phrase "dream closet" they automatically assume that it is in reference to clothing, but for me it is a tad bit different. I want a closet that is filled to the brim with quilts! Not just any old quilts that you can buy at the store; I want to fill the closet with quilts that I have made.
Much like this closet from Allison over at Cluck Cluck Sew
 I started sewing when I was in high school and I made my first quilt my sophomore year in college. My Granny Smith made quilts for myself, my brother and my sister when we were babies, and she quilted most of her life. My Dad's family was really poor, so my Granny would use the clothes that my aunts and uncles had grown out of for her fabrics. We have several of her beautifully hand-quilted masterpieces and one of the quilts she made years ago has gotten so soft from all the use it has seen; it has even suffered some injuries along the way in the form of two holes in the top. I haven't gotten brave enough in my quilting skills to attempt fixing it.

What I love most about quilting is that I know Granny would have been so proud of me. She passed away in 2006 at the age of 86, and it makes me sad that I never had the chance to learn to quilt from her. But I know that she is looking down on me with a big smile, no matter how wonky my seams always seem to turn out.

Right now my goal is to try and make two quilts a month. I figure that should not be too hard. I already have two huge stacks of t-shirts ready to become a quilt and I go the cutest charm pack the other day at the fabric store. My biggest stumbling block is going to be little William and his curiousness/fussiness. I am very excited for this journey though!

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